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The Proven Leaders
Since 1957
for RF and Microwave Components

For over 60 years ARRA (Antenna & Randome Research Associates) has been a global innovator in designing, manufacturing, distribution of coaxial and waveguide components. Supplying dependable, cost effective solutions to commercial and military customers worldwide. Our vast products line includes: Attenuators, DC Blocks, Couplers, Power Dividers, Combiners, Line Stretchers, Phase Shifters, PIN Diode Switches, Waveguides, Adapters, shorts, Pressure Windows, Twists, Bends, Horns and Terminations.
With our extensive Coaxial and Waveguide product offering of over 2,000 basic designs, ARRA has the ability to customize or modify components to your specific specifications in our modern 20,000 sq foot facility.
ARRA maintains a quality assurance and inspection program which meets or exceeds the requirements of MIL-Q-9858A and MIL-I-45208, as well as Space and NASA requirements. ARRA quality process follows the ISO 9001 guidelines to ensure the highest level of reliability.

Contact ARRA

     Ph: 631-231-8400 • Fax: 631-434-1116

E-Mail: Sales@arra.com

Coaxial Components

ARRA offers a wide range of coaxial components for RF and microwave applications, including for broadband use, for narrowband systems, for low power use, and for high-power requirements.

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Waveguide Components

ARRA’s waveguide components and assemblies meet the needs of a wide range of systems, in commercial, industrial, space, and military applications. These precision-machined parts...

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Custom Products

ARRA has been supplying dependable, field proven, Customized Microwave and RF Components for over 50 years.  We strive to exceed typical specifications as well provide the fastest delivery possible.

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Model 3428 Broadband Coaxial Phase Shifter is part of ARRA's broadband Phase Shifter Series.

ARRA's broadband phase shifter model 3428 provides increased phase change capability at the low end of the microwave spectrum. Low insertion loss and low VSWR are maintained despite the longer length of travel. Phase change is controlled by means of a non-translating drive knob. A calibrated 5 digit readout ensures high resolution and reference indications. Repeatability and stability of phase setting result from precision design and manufacture.


  • Frequency Range:     DC-2.0 GHz
  • VSWR (Max):     1.3 to 1GHz, 1.5 to 2GHz max
  • Insertion Loss:   0.5 dB to 1 GHz
    0.75 dB to 2 GHz
  • RF Power:    100 Watts average 5 kW peak
  • Connectors*:    SMA Female standard
  • Control:     1/4" Non-Translating
  • Material:    Body - Aluminum
    Connectors - Stainless Steel
  • Mounting Provisions:    4 thru holes
  • Finish:    ARRA Blue per MIL-C-22750
Frequency Range
Insertion Delay
(Approx) nsec
Minimum Phase
Dimensions - Inches
Form Factor
Model No.*
DC-2.0 3.6 min
4.6 max
360° / GHz 24.27 18.52 0-2015 3428A
DC-2.0 1.8 min
2.8 min
360° / GHz 15.27 9.52 0-3030 3428B

* For other connectors, precede model number with type required. Ex: N3428A
** Calibrated digital readout is standard on Model 3428A, optional on 3428B. Precede model number with D. Ex: DN34328B

Form Factor
Type N
Broadbad Phase Shifter DC-2.0 GHz