Coaxial Components

  ARRA offers a wide range of coaxial components for RF, IF and microwave applications, including: broad band, narrow band, low power and high-power system requirements. Designed for ease of integration into commercial, industrial, and military RF/microwave systems, these compact, high-quality coaxial components include attenuators, phase shifters, DC blocks, couplers, hybrids, RF shorts, PIN diode switches, and terminations, manufactured in rugged aluminium housings with stainless-steel connectors, including Type N and SMA connectors.

Many different component types are available within each product family, such as fixed and continuously variable attenuators manually adjustable. Motorized and manually adjustable phase shifters. Directional couplers and 90° and 180° hybrids. Designed for operating temperatures from -55 to +85°C, high-power coaxial models can handle as much as 500 W average power and 10 kW peak power through 18 GHz.