Phase Shifters

Phase ShiftersPhase Shifters are invaluable coaxial components. These microwave devices are used to adjust the phase of RF/microwave signals over a specific frequency range.

ARRA designs and manufactures a wide range of broadband, low-loss, phase shifters covering a total frequency range from DC to 18 GHz, are available in calibrated and uncalibrated models. ARRA phase shifters feature less than 1-dB insertion loss to 18 GHz, and provide a minimum adjustment range of 60 deg./GHz, with 360 deg. minimum phase adjustment range at 6 GHz.

These broadband phase shifters use a nontranslating drive knob for phase adjustments and include a calibrated five-digit readout to show phase and reference values. Calibrated phase shifters feature typical adjustment accuracy of ±0.7 deg./GHz.

Depending on model and frequency, insertion delays are minimized to typically less than 4.6 ns at 2 GHz and less than
2 ns at 4 GHz and higher frequencies.
The average power-handling capability of these rugged phase shifters is 100 W, with peak power-handling capability to 5 kW.
SMA connectors are standard, although other connector types are also available.