Custom Products

RF and Microwave Components:

ARRA has been supplying dependable, field proven, Customized Microwave and RF components for over 50 years.  We strive to exceed typical specifications as well provide the fastest delivery available today.

Along with our vast stock of standard RF microwave components ARRA's engineering design group is ready to assist you with any custom Microwave & RF Devices you may require. Allow our experienced engineers and talented manufacturing team help you create the ultimate system you can.

Special Waveguide Assemblies:

ARRA can fabricate your special waveguide assemblies in any material, finish and in most waveguide sizes. Items range from the simplest bend or straight section to complex combinations of bends, miters, twists and unions. Stringent quality controls and electrical test facilities enable ARRA to guarantee your mechanical and electrical specifications.

Customized Coaxial Components

Arra Custom Coaxial ProductsHigh Power Airline Couplers - Form 0-3272

  • Up to 1.0kW CW of power handling capability in frequency ranges from 0.25 to 2.0 GHz, 30-40 dB of coupling with excellent VSWR and directivity characteristics.

Custom Attenuators - Form 0-2805

  • Directly calibrated, continuously variable attenuator operating in C band.

High Power Miniature Attenuators - Form 6610

  • Capable of handling 25W in a small, compact size. In frequency ranges from 2-8 GHz and attenuation
    up to 20 dB.

Miniature Attenuation Trimmers - Form 0-3236

  • Exhibits 0-1 dB of attenuation with low phase characteristics. Frequency ranges from 0.7-4 GHz. Typical size is 1" x 1" x 0.38".

Special Attenuator Assemblies - Form 00-2630

  • Your choice of attenuators mounted on a common panel. This consists of a 20 dB attenuator calibrated in 1 dB steps on a 3" dial with 10 dB digital readout calibrated in 0.25 dB steps.

High Power Custom Attenuators - Form 6115

  • A high power continuously variable attenuator capable of handling 30W CW in L band.

Miniature Phase Trimmers - Form 7311

  • 100 MHz - 6 GHz operation with -30º/GHz of phase change. Features removable SMA connectors for
    PC board mounting.

Miniature Power Dividers - Form 7250

  • Built to your specifications and size requirements up to 18GHz.