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  • F.O.B. Point & Shipping Methods
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How to Order

When placing your order, please include model number, product description, quantity, price, shipping method, and all shipping instructions.

Contact our factory for price, availability, delivery information as well as any other additional information required.

Address Orders to:

Within US


15 Harold Court
Bay Shore, NY 11706

ARRA International Ltd
15 Harold Court
Bay Shore, NY 11706

Orders will be accepted via email or fax pending receipt of confirming purchase order which is required within 15 working days or sooner. 

FAX (631) 434-1116 Phone (631) 231-8400

Minimum Order Value

There is a $250.00 minimum order.

Payment terms is Net 30 unless a specific payment term is agreed upon between ARRA and the customer.
Credit card payment is accepted.
All new customers must pay in advance via wire transfer, check or credit cards.
All wire transfer payees are responsible for all bank fees for up to $50.


Quoted prices do not include special packaging or any electrical, mechanical, or environmental testing not indicated in the products catalog.

F.O.B. Point & Shipping Methods

Unless otherwise specified all sales are considered to be F.O.B. Bay Shore, New York and title passes to buyer upon delivery to the carrier. Responsibility for shipping insurance rests with the buyer. Damage in shipments are handled by the buyer directly with the carrier. Shipments are made in accordance with buyer's specific instruction regarding method and routing.

Source Inspection

Should source inspection be required, it must be indicated on the quotation and subsequently reflected on the purchase order. There is a nominal charge for source inspection on a per visit basis.


ARRA products are repaired and recalibrated at the factory. Before returning any product, contact ARRA for the appropriate RMA number and supply model number, serial number, product name, and complete reason for return as well as the date and purchase order on which it was originally purchased. A purchase order of $250 evaluation fee must be submitted with all non-warranty repairs and calibration. A complete estimate of repair cost will be submitted to the customer for prior approval before commencement of repair work. In case of non-warranty repair, the $250 will be applied to the total repair cost. The cost of repair is based upon labor and materials plus a service charge.

Returns/ recalibrations must be shipped prepaid to the attention of ARRA 15 Harold Court, Bay Shore, New York 11706.

Change Orders & Cancellations

Change orders are considered to be in effect after both the buyer and ARRA have reached a mutual agreement as to the effect of the change on price, delivery, or other conditions of the order. Cancellation of an order can be made only with ARRA's written consent that will satisfy all costs incurred by ARRA and its proportionate profit on completed work. Upon receipt of your written intent to cancel, ARRA will promptly stop further work.

Military Specifications

The majority of our equipment is used in airborne, ground or shipboard militarr systems and is designed to meet demandmg operational requirements under stringent environmental conditions. Data is available on request.

Quality Assurance & Inspection

ARRA maintains a quality assurance and inspection program which meets the requirements of MIL-Q-9858A and MIL-1-45208, as well as NASA requirements. All units undergo 100% electrical and mechanical testing. ARRA quality process follows the ISO 9001 guidelines to ensure the highest level of reliability.

ARRA warrants each instrument of its manufacture to be free from defects in material and workmanship. The limit of liability under this warranty is to repair or replace, at our option, any instrument or part thereof which shall, within one year after delivery to the original purchaser, be returned to us by the original purchaser with transportation charges prepaid, and which upon examination by the company shall prove to be defective. We do not assume any liability for consequential damages. Warranty returns must first be authorized in writing by us, and we shall not be responsible for any equipment returned to us without prior approval to do so. 

ARRA shall have no liability for defects which occur as a result of accident, improper use, failure to operate within manufacturer's specifications, unauthorized repair or inadequate packaging during transportation. 

ARRA reserves the right to make design changes to any product without incurring any obligation to make the same changes to previously purchased units. 

This warranty is the extent of the liability assumed by ARRA with respect to our instruments, and we neither make nor authorize any other guaranty or warranty concerning these instruments.